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“buckets” by Adam Barnard – Review by Emily Wilkinson

Dorchester Youth Theatre’s Performance Company have once again proved that they don’t shy away from difficult material. “buckets” by Adam Barnard explores the harsh reality of life, loss and the ever-depleting time we have left to find fulfilment, peace or the meaning of life.
The cast move from emotional torment to comedic relief with ease, showing their diversity and talent with both genres. With the majority of the scenes set out as duologues, this is a play as much about the connection and relationship between the actors as it is about the play text itself.
Set in the round, the staging was very intimate, which was very fitting for some of the more emotional scenes. This is put to work straight away as the play opens, with a mother discussing the terminal illness of her child with her doctor, struggling to come to terms with such a premature mortality. This scene was one of many poignant moments that really brought to light the emotional maturity of the company. The ambiguity of these scenes only added to the intimate atmosphere, as the audience could find personal significance in many of the moments onstage.
Moments of comedy throughout the piece lifted the audience’s spirits. The company put their own twist on the text with masterful comic timing, finding humour in the simplest of actions.
Overall, DYT’s production of “buckets” was a moving, thought provoking and relevant piece of theatre, of which the cast and crew should be very proud.


What the playwright said about Thunderwar

“Just to reiterate my sincere congratulations and thanks for the wonderful work you, Richelle and your back-stage crew put into Thunderwar. And what a fabulous effort from the whole cast – please pass on my congratulations when you all next meet up. I was delighted by everything you achieved. Very well done.
I shall keep a close eye on future DYT productions and hope that we can stay in touch, should the DYT ever need a tame playwright again.”  Adrian Flynn – Playwright, ThunderWar


What our audience said about The Crucible

“What a totally stunning production! Through the years I have been involved in several productions of this marvellous play which ranks amongst one of my favourite pieces of writing. Suffice to say that I enjoyed Dorchester Youth Theatres production as well as any I have seen. I think the cast really breathed life into this production and grappled with what can be a difficult text with great gusto.

From the very start you felt you were in for a production of quality. All the young people involved gave heart and soul to the production and all contributed equally to the success of the production.

Your young cast did not disappoint in reaching the heights of what great drama is all about.”

“As founding, and long time, Chair of the Community Plays Association, and a Friend of Dorchester Drama I can’t think why it has taken me so long to discover the Youth Theatre. Better late than never and what a discovery.

The Crucible is an accessible masterpiece but an enormous challenge for such a young cast. They carried it off magnificently and were a credit to themselves, those who support and direct them, and to Dorchester.”

Congratulations to you and all the company on a terrific production last Friday. We know the play quite well – the themes remain as depressing as ever (!) and it was most impressive to witness young people delivering such mature performances.

We enjoyed the occasion and so glad you had such an appreciative audience.”


Some really great Tweets we have received!

@JoJoSimonsJo The National show was really great, imaginative – so glad I was there. Plus my kid came too (10). He absolutely loved it.

Richard Fitch ‏@richard_fitch

Great theatre, told by important young theatre makers. #NTCFest @NationalTheatre  (Theatre Director)

National Theatre ‏@NationalTheatre

Congratulations to everyone involved in @NTConnections on another great year and terrific festival! #NTCFest

Giles Smart ‏@smartgiles

Great atmosphere down at #NTCFest at The Shed last night. @jemma_kennedy ‘s play was wonderfully funny and bold.

Elizabeth Raws ‏@ElizabethRaws

so proud of everyone, this is an experience i’ll NEVER forget. Standing ovation at the national=dream come true @youththeatre #ntcanimals

Elizabeth Raws ‏@ElizabethRaws

have never been more proud to be a part of dyt, standing ovation at the national theatre=dream come true!!! @youththeatre #ntcanimals xxxxx

Justin Audibert ‏@JustinAudibert

.@youththeatre @NTConnections @ntSHED @jemma_kennedy Such a fantastic evening in the theatre. You REALLY entertained us! Bravo!

jemma kennedy ‏@jemma_kennedy

@JustinAudibert @youththeatre @ntconnections @ntshed Double bravo and thanks to all. Hope DYT NEVER get sick of wearing tights.


 Parent Comments

“ Hi Jo, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for all the hard work resulting in the fantastic experience Poppy et al have had this year. They all really stepped up to the plate last night.”

 “Thank you for all you do. Cameron loves DYT and the trip he can’t stop talking about. Fantastic”

“What an amazing play, well done, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did”

“Wow! What sheer talent your fantastic youth theatre has. I’m buzzing from the energy- and feel inspired by your achievement!”

“Wow, Wow, Wow. An amazing night. An amazing director for a great group of children. Thank you and all your DYT team for supporting them through this wonderful experience.”